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Ancestry of Larry Vizenor and Teresa Reuter

Descent of Teresa Reuter from Wilhelmus Reuter



           Teresa E. Reuter

b. August 5,1946  Garrison, ND



Married:  Larry Vizenor, Jan.7,1972, Detroit Lakes, MN

Children:  Lowell T. 1973, Tara M. 1976, Louis F. 1987

            Parents:  Jacob Reuter and Philomena Soukup

Remarks:  Resided in ND, MN, TX. And WI


Jacob Reuter

b.      Dec. 25, 1894  Bird Island, MN

d.      August 27, 1965

Buried: Underwood, ND     

Married:  Philomena Soukup  June 11, 1929

Children:  Francis, Sylvester, Helen, Clarence, Alfred, Mary, Teresa

Parents:  Joseph Reuter and Elizebeth Mahowald

Remarks:  Farmer, Self educated, spoke two languages


           Joseph Reuter

b.      Jan.27,1863, Belle Plaine, MN

            d.   Feb. 8,1946

Buried: Garrison, ND

Married:  Elizabeth Mahowald, Nov. 25,1890, New Market, MN

Children:  Jacob, Mary, Susanna, William

Parents:  Jacob Reuter and Maria Lorenz

Remarks:  1902 moved from Bird Island, MN to Garrison, ND to homestead.  Occupation: Farmer


           Jacob Reuter***

b.      July 27,1815, Nospelt, Luxembourg

            d.   January 16, 1903

Buried:  Garrison, ND

Married:  Maria Lorenz (2nd wife) June 4, 1857, Holy Cross, WI           

Children:  Bill, Anna, Joseph, Katherine, Jacob N, Maria, Margaret

Parents:  Elizabeth Bonifas and Carolus Reuter

Remarks:  Elizabeth Boden**, Jacobs 1st wife, died 1856 on the journey to America.  In America J.R. moved from NYC to Milwaukee, WI to Holy Cross, WI to Belle Plaine, MN, Bird Island, MN to Garrison, ND

Maria Lorenz b. 2/4/1831 Villa Lorenz, Prussia d. 2/7/1872, Belle Plaine, MN. 

Jacob was a Potter and Teacher in Luxembourg & Belguim.  In USA he was a potter and a farmer.


           Carolus Reuter***

b.      Jan. 14,1779, Nospelt, Capellen, Luxembourg

d.   Sept. 28, 1846

Buried:  Nospelt, Luxembourg

Married:  Elizabeth Bonifas, June 22, 1813 b. June 10, 1788

Children:  Jacob, one of 6 children

            Parents:  Wilhelmus Reuter, Magdalena Thimesch**
            Remarks: Potter
            Wilhelmus Reuter***
            b.  1740, Holzem, Capellen, Luxumbourg
            d.  March 20, 1827 Nospelt, Kehlen, Capellen, Luxembourg*
            Buried:  Nospelt, LX
            Married:  Magdalena Thimesch
            Children:  Carolus, one of nine children
            Remarks: Potter
*Death data-Source-LDS data
**Updates on dates, names and places-Source-Nicolas Bonifas
***Source-Frank W. Reuter
The following histories are available:
            Jacob Reuter Sr. 1815-1903***
            Jacob Reuter Jr. 1894-1965***

Frank W. Reuter

Website of S.Guiller, Reimes, France (Descendant of Carolus Reuter)

Wilhelmus Reuter's descandants--RootsWeb

Reuter Genealogical DNA Testing


Family Finder test results for Teresa (Reuter) Vizenor
The Population Finder program determines your biogeographical ancestry – the story of
your personal genetic history – by comparing your autosomal DNA to that of our world DNA population database.
Your Population Finder results consist of up to four out of seven continental groups.
For each, the percentage of your genome that matches is shown.
Where possible, we list specific subgroups such as Basque and Bedouin or subregions
such as Western Europe.
The seven continental groups are based on genetic similarity and do not precisely
match geographical continents.
Continent (Subcontinent)
Margin of Error

Finnish, Romanian, Russian, Tuscan
Europe (Western European)
French, Orcadian

Teresa (Reuter) Vizenor mtDNA test results:
Haplogroup U2

Haplogroup U2 (named 'Uta' by Bryan Sykes) is most common in South Asia but also found in low frequency in Central and West Asia, as well as in Europe as U2e. This haplogroup has been found in the remains of a 30,000-year-old hunter-gatherer in South European Russia (Kostenki).

Teresa Reuter,1966

Jacob Reuter

Jacob Reuter Family, 1976
Back-Al,Syl, Clancy,Frank Front--Mary, Minnie(mother), Teresa, Helen

Jacob Reuter Family, 1944
Back-Helen,Frank,Sylvester, Clarence Front-Alfred, Minnie(mother) baby Mary

Jacob Reuter Family, 1939
Clarence, Helen, Sylvester, Frank and Minnie (mother)

Jacob Reuter & Philomena Soukup, 1929

Magdaline Reuter(cousin) & Jacob Reuter
Magdaline was daughter of Jacob N. Reuter and Anne Mahowald

Joseph Reuter

Joseph Reuter Family
Top- Susanna and Mary, Bottom: William / Jacob's Siblings

Joseph Reuter & Elizabeth Mahowald, 1890

Joseph Reuter and Elizabeth Mahowald were married on Nov. 25, 1890, St. Nicholas Church, New Market, MN.  They started their married life in Turlte Lake,ND.

Jacob Reuter

Jacob Reuter Sr.

Luxembourg to America, 1856

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